The Florida State Muzzleloader Championships

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Florida Muzzleloader State Shoot Update

As all are aware, COVID-19 did a good job ending any plans last year for a State Black Powder Shoot. It does not look like we will pull one together for the 2021 season either. Clubs are still dealing wit various issues regarding vaccinations, masks, and social distancing. FMA plans are to schedule the shoot in 2022 when things, hopefully, are normal. There may be various smaller shoots at Florida Clubs. We hope you can get out and make some smoke. However, until there are no further concerns for personal safety, we will depend on local clubs to handle the events.

The rifle raffle is still valid. If you purchased a ticket, you are still in the raffle. Original plans were to have the raffle at the State Shoot. Right now we will continue with that plan and pull our winner next year. Tickets still can be purchased from FMA officers. Anyone wanting to return their ticket for a refund may do so by sending a request to

Photo gallery from both 2018 and 2019

Iron Winners: Left to Right – Curt Brant (also 2017, 2018 winner) – Pam Jenkins – Landon RIchards
Group Photo


Joe Fannin, FMA Coordinator

Important Update: The 2020 State Muzzleloaders Shoot for Florida has been postponed due to the current issues regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is with saddened hearts that we must inform you that our planned State Black Powder Shoot has been postponed. Our host club is currently closed due to concerns with the COVID-19 virus. Until such time as we can be assured of your personal safety and adequate protocols approved by both our host site and the State of Florida, we have put our annual event on hold.

Plans are to re-evaluate our concerns in fall and, hopefully, to re-schedule our competition as soon as possible. We may even be able to add a territorial shoot. Please check our website and Facebook site periodically to follow our current planning.

As to the raffle, we very much plan to have that raffle and you should not be concerned if you already purchased tickets. The plan will be to keep selling our tickets and have the drawing in fall at our next scheduled event.

Thank you for being so understanding. We hope you can continue to use FMA for the trading and sale of your muzzle loading equipment. Remember, there is no cost to be a member.

Scores from Prior Years

2019 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2019 State Shoot Iron Man
2018 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2018 Target WinnersIron Man
2017 State Shoot All Matches and Targets – 2017 State Shoot Iron Man
2016 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2016 State Shoot Iron Man
2015 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2015 State Shoot Iron Man
2014 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2014 State Shoot Iron Man
2013 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2013 State Shoot Iron Man
2009 State Shoot All Matches and Targets – 2009 State Shoot Iron Man
2008 State Shoot All Matches and Targets2008 State Shoot Iron Man
2007 State Shoot All Matches and Targets